Friday, July 24, 2009

The best little barber shop around!

...and the most nostalgic!
I've been taking Dyllan to Stews in Ladera Ranch since he was 2. I found it by accident when I was meeting a friend for story time at a nearby toy shop. I was intrigued by the old movie theater seats in the waiting area to the authentic barbershop chairs.

There are old toys to keep the kids entertained,tons of memories attached to walls, and ceilings for the rest of us!

If you are Star Wars Fan (like Dyllan) you will be blown away. I see something new each time I come, it's incredible!

Even the guys and dolls that cut hair, have the vintage rock-a-billy edge, making the experience all the more worth while.

Here Dyllan is posing with some best friends after a recent hair cut.

The cuts are for boys and men only.
and if you ask nicely, they will run the train for goes around a track suspended from the ceiling above the waiting area.


  1. I love this place. So many things to look at. A great place to be. I like this blog too.

  2. How darling! They seem like they really like kids! I remember by son's first haircut it was not this fun, but he had that same look.Your son is cute. I hope you have fun at your comic con day! You seem to be a great mom.
    Nice to meet you I will be back.

  3. that is the cutest barbershop I've ever seen! not sure where you wanted a comment for the charms but here I am. I forgot to say that my hubby has been at comic-con for the past few days and he sais it's alot of fun. I didn't get to go this time (we live in AZ) have a great time!
    :) Missy

  4. I would love to get my hair cut here..never have seen a place like this..its awesome..

    visit me at:

  5. What a great Barber shop - the kids would never want to come out of there. So much to see